.CODES Domain – New gTLD

This domain makes an effective Web address for sites that offer coupon codes, IT professionals and any company that deals in digits. Use .CODES to tell site visitors what you offer.

There are many codes in our world. There are building codes, coupon codes, programming codes and codes of conduct, just to name a few. Given the many uses of the word, the applications for the top-level domain .codes are just as endless.

Why .CODES ?

What are codes? A code is any system used to simplify information, whether as a code of conduct, a building code, or programming code. .CODES provides a domain namespace for all uses of the term “code” and can be utilized by any individual, company, or organization, making it the perfect extension for creating glossaries of code terms, giving advice on performing to code or coding, and establishing peer forums for code-sharing and problem-solving.

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