.EVENTS Domain – New gTLD

.EVENTS domain offers distinctive Web addresses to concert promoters, event planners and any business that wants to advertise its events with a specially branded website.

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Why register a .EVENTS domain extension?

  • If you’ve got an existing website, you could use .EVENTS to create a specific address for your site’s calendar or events section.

  • Register yourcompanyname.events and you’ll have an easy-to-share address for everything that’s happening at your company.

  • There are no restrictions on .EVENTS registrations. Anyone can register .EVENTS for any purpose.

  • Make your mark on the internet. A rock concert, an art opening, a party, a sale, a fun run, a charity dinner, a flash mob – all of these things could be considered events, and .EVENTS is for all of them – exciting events happen all the time, and .events is the TLD for all of them. This open-registry extension is ideal for bands, promoters, non-profits, venues and businesses of all sorts.