.EXPOSED Domain – New gTLD

Perfect for tabloids, reality TV stars and whistle-blowers, among others, this titillating domain practically guarantees readership. Add your topic and start a buzz online.

Why .EXPOSED Domain ?

  • “Exposed” is a broadly-defined generic term, and as such may be used in a variety of applications. .EXPOSED offers a unique, targeted, and open TLD option for all uses of the term, and may be used by skincare and beauty business, that offer tips on sunlight or UVA protection, investigative journalism publications, that focus on exposing stories to the public, or for photo editing and printing services. Whatever the reason, .EXPOSED provides the perfect domain space for the occasion.
  • “Exposed” is an active, eye-catching term that is sure to make an address stand out compared to traditional domain extensions like .COM and .NET. And because .EXPOSED was only recently released, there’s great availability.

  • There are no restrictions on .EXPOSED domain names. Anyone can register and the domain can be used for any purpose.

  • “Exposed” is a generic term with a number of meanings. As a top-level domain, it can be used in a variety of applications. If you’re an investigative journalist or photo editing professional, or if you operate a print shop or skincare business, a new .exposed domain name might be just the branding edge you need to stand out in today’s online market.

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